Imprimis Archives



  • January 2013 
    "Man, Sex, God, and Yale"
    Nathan Harden
  • February 2013 
    "Calvin Coolidge and the Moral Case for Economy"
    Amity Shlaes
  • March 2013 
    "The Second Amendment as an Expression of First Principles"
    Edward J. Erler
  • April 2013 
    "Religion and Public Life in America"
    R. R. Reno
  • May/June 2013 
    "The Miracle of Freedom"
    Ted Cruz
  • July/August 2013 
    "The Case for Good Taste in Children’s Books"
    Meghan Cox Gurdon
  • September 2013 
    "Football and the American Character"
    John J. Miller
  • October 2013 
    "Budget Battles and the Growth of the Administrative State"
    John Marini
  • November 2013 
    "The Case for Repealing Dodd-Frank"
    Peter J. Wallison
  • December 2013 
    "A Rebirth of Liberty and Learning"
    Larry P. Arnn


  • January 2012 
    "Do We Need the Department of Education?"
    Charles Murray
  • February 2012 
    "Blasphemy and Free Speech"
    Paul Marshall
  • March 2012 
    "What Public Employee Unions Are Doing to Our Country"
    William McGurn
  • April 2012 
    "The Decline of American Monuments and Memorials"
    Michael J. Lewis
  • May/June 2012 
    "Federal Student Aid and the Law of Unintended Consequences"
    Richard Vedder
  • July/August 2012 
    "Economic Lessons from American History"
    John Steele Gordon
  • September 2012 
    "Individual, Community, and State: How to Think About Religious Freedom"
    Matthew J. Franck
  • October 2012 
    "Is America Exceptional?"
    Norman Podhoretz
  • November 2012 
    "Is the Constitution Colorblind?"
    Edward J. Erler
  • December 2012 
    "Time to Give Up or Time to Fight On?"
    Larry P. Arnn 


  • January 2011 
    "It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid"
    Brian T. Kennedy
  • February 2011 
    "The Floating Dollar as aThreat to Property Rights"
    Seth Lipsky
  • March 2011 
    "The Not So Dismal Science:Humanitarians v. Economists"
    William McGurn
  • April 2011 
    "Reasserting Federalismin Defense of Liberty"
    Ken Cuccinelli
  • May/June 2011 
    "The Right to Work:A Fundamental Freedom"
    Mark Mix
  • July/August 2011 
    "The Crisis of the European Union:Causes and Significance"
    Václav Klaus
  • September 2011 
    "The Constitution and Limited Government"
    Edward J. Erler
  • October 2011 
    "Executive Power in Wartime"
    Michael Mukasey
  • November 2011 
    "Reaganomics and the American Character"
    Phil Gramm
  • December 2011 
    "The Unity and Beauty of the Declaration and the Constitution"
    Larry P. Arnn


  • January 2010 
    "The Generosity of America"
    Adam Meyerson
  • February 2010 
    "Health Care in a Free Society"
    Paul Ryan
  • March 2010 
    "America’s War On Islamist Terror . . . Or Is It?"
    Andrew C. McCarthy
  • April 2010 
    "The Coming Constitutional Debate"
    Stephen J. Markman
  • May/June 2010 
    "The New New Deal"
    Charles R. Kesler
  • July/August 2010 
    "The Tea Parties and the Future of Liberty"
    Stephen F. Hayes
  • September 2010 
    "The Rules of the Game and Economic Recovery"
    Amity Shlaes
  • October 2010 
  • "The Presidency and the Constitution"
    Mike Pence
  • November 2010 
    "Outline of a Platform for Constitutional Government"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • December 2010 
    "Keeping the Peace: America in Korea, 1950-2010"
    Sung-Yoon Lee


  • January 2009 
    "Do Conservatives Need to Get Beyond Reagan?"
    Rush Limbaugh
  • February 2009 
    "How Detroit’s Automakers Went from Kings of the Roadto Roadkill"
    Joseph B. White
  • March 2009
    "A Prescription for American Health Care"
    John C. Goodman
  • April 2009 
    “Live Free or Die!”
    Mark Steyn
  • May/June 2009 
    “All Honor to Jefferson”
    Jean Yarbrough
  • July/August 2009 
    "The Constitution and American Sovereignty"
    Jeremy Rabkin
  • September 2009 
    "Future Prospects for Economic Liberty"
    Walter Williams
  • October 2009 
    "President Obama’s Foreign Policy: An Assessment"
    John Bolton
  • November 2009 
    "The Future of Western War"
    Victor Davis Hanson
  • December 2009 
    "Education, Economics,and Self-Government"
    Larry P. Arnn


  • January 2008 
    "Is Canada’s Economya Model for America?"
    Mark Steyn
  • February 2008 
    "The Case for Terrestrial (a.k.a. Nuclear) Energy"
    William Tucker
  • March 2008 
    "Limited Government: Are the Good Times Really Over?"
    Charles R. Kesler
  • April 2008 
    "America’s Interests and the U.N."
    John Bolton
  • May 2008 
    “The Greatest Story Never Told”: Today’s Economy in Perspective
    Patrick Toomey
  • June 2008 
    "Margaret Thatcher:A Legacy of Freedom"
    John O’Sullivan
  • July 2008 
    "Birthright Citizenship and Dual Citizenship: Harbingers of Administrative Tyranny"
    Edward J. Erler
  • August 2008 
    "Lights Out on Liberty"
    Mark Steyn
  • September 2008 
    "Alaska’s Promise for the Nation"
    Sarah Palin
  • October 2008 
    "Understanding Iran"
    Michael Ledeen
  • November 2008 
    "Created Equal: How Christianity Shaped The West"
    Dinesh D’Souza
  • December 2008 
    "A Work of Recovery"
    Larry P. Arnn


  • January 2007 
    "Freedom vs. Non-Freedom: A View from Russia"
    Andrei Illarionov
  • February 2007 
    “Let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage”
    Micheal Flaherty
  • March 2007 
    "Roosevelt’s or Reagan’s America? A Time for Choosing"
    John Marini
  • April 2007 
    "Nuclear Iran?"
    Victor Davis Hanson
  • May 2007 
    "Socialism, Free Enterprise, and the Common Good"
    Rev. Robert A. Sirico
  • June 2007 
    "Hillsdale College and Imprimis"
    Arlan K. Gilbert
  • July 2007 
    "Dealing With China In the Coming Years"
    Ross Terrill
  • August 2007 
    "Global Warming: Man-Made or Natural?"
    S. Fred Singer
  • September 2007 
    "The Legacy of the 1936 Election"
    Amity Shlaes
  • October 2007 
    A Conversation with Justice Clarence Thomas
  • November 2007 
    "A Return to the Constitution"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • December 2007 
    "Heroes: What Great Statesmen Have to Teach Us"
    Paul Johnson


  • January 2006 
    "The History and Possible Revival of the Fairness Doctrine"
    Nat Hentoff
  • February 2006 
    "America and the United Nations"
    Mark Steyn
  • March 2006 
    "The Great (and Continuing) Economic Debate of the 20th Century"
    Steve Forbes
  • May 2006 
    "A Man Worth Knowing"
    David McCullough
  • June 2006 
    "A New Feminism"
    Harvey C. Mansfield
  • July 2006
    "Free to Choose": A Conversation with Milton Friedman
  • August 2006 
    "Is the Mainstream Media Fair and Balanced?"
    Fred Barnes
  • September 2006 
    "Freedom and Justice in Islam"
    Bernard Lewis
  • October 2006 
    "Origins and Dangers of the 'Wall of Separation' Between Church and State"
    Daniel L. Dreisbach
  • November 2006 
    "The Crisis and Politics of Higher Education"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • December 2006 
    "Saddam’s Iraq and Islamic Terrorism: What We Now Know"
    Stephen F. Hayes


  • May 2005 
    "War Films, Hollywood and Popular Culture"
    Michael Medved
  • June 2005 
    "EMP: America’s Achilles’ Heel"
    Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
  • July 2005 
    "Reforming Elections for the Preservation of Liberty"
    Bob Williams
  • August 2005 
    "Constitutional Myths and Realities"
    Stephen Markman
  • September 2005 
    "The Doctrine of Preemption"
    George F. Will
  • October 2005 
    "C.S. Lewis on Moral Education"
    Gilbert Meilaender
  • November 2005 
    "Whatever Happened to the Ownership Society?"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • December 2005 
    The Choices Facing Europe
    José María Azna


  • January 2004
    "The Liberal Assault on Freedom of Speech"
    Thomas G. West
  • Febuary 2004
    "What kind of Society is Good for Business and Investing?"
    Foster S. Friess
  • March 2004
    "The Threat from Lawyers is No Joke"
    Walter Olson
  • April 2004
    "Rolling Back the Government: Lessons from New Zealand"
    Maurice P. McTigue
  • May 2004
    "Radical Islam in America"
    Stephen Schwartz
  • June 2004
    "Whatever Happened to the Family Film?"
    Philip F. Anschutz
  • July 2004
    "Ronald Reagan, R.I.P"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • August 2004
    "Ronald Reagan and the Spirit of Free Enterprise"
    George Gilder
    September 2004
  • "Media Bias Against Guns"
    John R. Lott, Jr.
    October 2004
    "What Would Patton Say About the Present War?"
    Victor Davis Hanson
  • November 2004
    "Civil Unions: Compromise or Surrender?"
    Midge Decter
  • December 2004
    "Four More Years"
    Charles R. Kesler


  • January 2003
    "American Unilateralism"
    Charles Krauthammer
  • Febuary 2003
    "Teaching the Virtues"
    William J. Bennett
  • March 2003
    "What Is Public Choice Theory?"
    James M. Buchanan
  • April 2003
    "Immigration, the War on Terror and the Rule of Law"
    Michelle Malkin
  • May 2003
    "Education in the Internet Age"
    Sky Dayton
  • June 2003
    "The American Media in Wartime"
    Brit Hume
  • July 2003
    "The Character of George Washington"
    Richard Brookhiser
  • August 2003
    "Freedom and Its Counterfeit"
    Robert P. George
  • September 2003
    "The Michigan Affirmative Action Cases: An Historical Perspective"
    Edward J. Erler
    October 2003
    "What's Wrong with the CIA?"
    Herbert E. Meyer
  • November 2003
    "Our Embattled Constitution"
    Harry V. Jaffa
  • December 2003
    "The Ten Commandments Controversy"
    Michael Novak


  • January 2002
    "Emerging Threats to United States National Security"
    The Honorable Jesse Helms
  • Febuary 2002
    "Classics and War"
    Victor Davis Hanson
  • March 2002
    "The Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming"
    Sallie Baliunas
  • April 2002
    "The Trouble With Campaign Finance Regulation"
    Bradley Smith
  • May 2002
    "The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America"
    Midge Decter
  • June 2002
    "Three Key Principles in the War Against Terrorism"
    Benjamin Netanyahu
  • July 2002
    "The Disconnect Between Hollywood and America"
    Pat Sajak
  • August 2002
    "Morality and Foreign Policy: Reagan and Thatcher"
    Edwin Meese III
  • September 2002
    "Unnecessary Wars"
    Midge Decter
    October 2002
    "Views on Islam"
    Benazir Bhutto
  • November 2002
    "Our Responsibility to America"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • December 2002
    "Thirty Years of the Best of Imprimis"


  • October 2001
    "The Never-Ending Defense of Liberty"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • November 2001
    "The Urgent Need for Ballistic Missile Defense"
    Brian T. Kennedy
  • December 2001
    "American Journalism and the Constitution"
    Tony Snow


  • January 2000 
    "An Open Letter to Imprimis Readers"
    Donald R. Mossey
  • February 2000 
    "The Content of Our Children’s Character"
    Ward Connerly
    March 2000 
    "Ethics, One Day at a Time"
    Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
  • April 2000 
    "Government-Granted Coercive Power: How Big Labor Blocks the Freedom Agenda"
    Reed E. Larson
  • May 2000 
    "Rigging the Scales of Justice"
    Bob Barr
  • June 2000 
    "Hillsdale and America"
    Larry P. Arnn
  • July 2000 
    "Morality, Law, and the Constitution: The Genius of the Founding Generation"
    The Honorable Kenneth W. Starr
  • August 2000 
    "The Legitimate Role of Government in a Free Society"
    Walter E. Williams


  • January 1999 
    "Minority Schools and the Politics of Education"
    Thomas Sowell
  • February 1999 
    "How Philanthropy Is Revolutionizing Education"
    Jennifer A. Grossman
  • March 1999 
    "Keeping the Faith: Religion, Freedom, and International Affairs"
    Paul Marshall
  • April 1999 
    "The Truth about Tibet"
    Tendzin Choegyal
  • May 1999 
    "The End ofAdmiration The Media and The Loss of Heroes"
    Peter H. Gibbon
  • June 1999 
    "The High Priests of Journalism Truth, Morality, and the Media"
    Richard Lowry
  • July 1999 
    "The Evolution–and Devolution–of Journalistic Ethics"
    Marianne Jennings
  • August 1999 
    "Putting God Back in the Public Square"
    Roy S. Moore
  • September 1999 
    "A Competitive Vision for American Education" 
    Theodore J. Forstmann
  • October 1999 
    "Training Minds and Hearts: Principle-Centered Education Reform"
    Steve Forbes


  • January 1998 
    "The Thin Red Line of Heroes"
    George Roche
  • February 1998 
    "Back to Equality"
    Ward Connerly
  • March 1998 
    "Are We Living in a Moral Stone Age?"
    Christina Hoff Sommers
  • April 1998 
    "Statesmanship and Its Betrayal"
    Mark Helprin
  • May 1998 
    "Politics, Economics, and Education in the 21st Century"
    John Fund
  • June 1998 
    "The Fourth “R” in Education: Reading, WRiting, ARithmetic, and ARt"
    Alexandra York
  • July 1998 
    "Rules to Live byon and off the Playing Field"
    Jeff Kemp
  • August 1998 
    "The Real Generation Gap"
    Marianne M. Jennings
  • September 1998 
    "Saving Childhood"
    Michael Medved
  • October 1998 
    "A Time To Be Alive"
    Paul Harvey
  • November 1998 
    "Solving the Problem of Poverty"
    Steve Mariotti
  • December 1998 
    "Does Honor Have a Future?"
    William J. Bennett


  • January 1997 
    "Twenty-Five Years of the Best of IMPRIMIS"
  • February 1997 
    "The Mission of Hillsdale College: An Inside Perspective"
  • March 1997 
    "What Makes for Success?"
    Kemmons Wilson
    "The Innate Power of the Individual"
    Kent C. Nelson
  • April 1997 
    "Virtue and the Free Society"
    Jeb Bush
  • May 1997 
    "Statism: The Opiate of the Elites"
    Theodore J. Forstmann
  • June 1997 
    "Why There Is No Substitute for Parents"
    Wade F. Horn
  • July 1997 
    "Our Unconstitutional Congress"
    Stephen Moore
  • August 1997 
    "The Free Market and the Interventionist State"
    Richard M. Ebeling
  • September 1997 
    "American Injustice: The Case for Legal Reform"
    Spencer Abraham
  • October 1997 
    "Privatization and American Business"
    Lawrence W. Reed
  • November 1997 
    "Four Points of the Compass: Restoring America’s Sense of Direction"
    Balint Vazsonyi
  • December 1997 
    "Market Entrepreneurs: Building Empires of Service"
    Burton W. Folsom, Jr


  • January 1996 
    "Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: How to Choose Words Wisely and Well"
    Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
  • February 1996 
    “Transforming America”
    Kay C. James
  • March 1996 
    “The Lists Every American Should Make”
    George Roche
  • April 1996 
    “Religion and Democracy”
    Ralph Reed
  • May 1996 
    The New Majority: The “Leave Us Alone” Coalition
    Grover G. Norquist
  • June 1996 
    "Freedom: America’s No.1 Business"
    Jack Faris
  • July 1996 
    “What Makes for Success?”
    Dave Thomas
  • August 1996 
    "The Michigan Miracle: A Model for the 21st Century"
    John Engler
  • September 1996 
    "Common Sense and the Law"
    Philip K. Howard
  • October 1996 
    "The Moral Case for the Flat Tax"
    Steve Forbes
  • November 1996 
    "Hispanics and the American Dream"
    Linda Chavez
  • December 1996 
    "The Star of Bethlehem"
    Craig Chester


  • Special Edition 1995 
    “The Entrepreneur in America: An Endangered Species”
    Edward Lowe
  • January 1995 
    "The Sixties Are Dead: Long Live the Nineties"
    Cal Thomas
  • February 1995 
    "Hillsdale College and the Western Tradition: Exploring the Roots of Freedom"
    Robert W Blackstock
  • March 1995 
    "The Moral Foundations of a Society"
    Margaret Thatcher
  • April 1995 
    "The Religious Roots of Freedom"
    M. Stanton Evans
  • May 1995 
    “A New Vision of Man: How Christianity Has Changed Political Economy”
    Michael Novak
  • June 1995 
    “Deinventing Government”
    Jeb Bush
  • July 1995 
    “The Politics Stop Here”
    Malcolm Wallop
  • August 1995 
    “The Economics of Crime”
    Ed Rubenstein
    “The Jailer Called Welfare”
    Robert L. Woodson, Sr.
  • September 1995 
    “The New Welfare Debate: How to Practice Effective Compassion”
    Marvin Olasky
    “The Conservative Vision and the Demise of the Welfare State”
    Pete du Pont
  • October 1995 
    “The Real Root Cause of Violent Crime: The Breakdown of the Family”
    Patrick F. Fagan
  • November 1995 
    “Redeeming Our Time”
    William J. Bennett
  • December 1995 
    “Protecting Our Children From a Plague of Pessimism”
    Michael Medved



  • January 1993 
    "But Is It Art?"
    Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington
  • February 1993 
    "Free Trade in the 1990s"
  • March 1993 
    "Modern Values and the Challenge of Myth" 
    Stephen Bertman
  • April 1993 
    "Can We Be Good Without God?" 
    Chuck Colson
  • May 1993 
    "Philanthropy and Citizenship"
    Michael S. Joyce
    "Philanthropy and the Free Society"
    Kimberly 0. Dennis
  • June 1993 
    "Making a Difference: Three Business Leaders Speak Out"
  • July 1993 
    "The Road to Freedom" 
    George Roche
  • August 1993 
    "The Rebirth of Democracy in the Former Soviet Empire" 
    Elena Bonner
  • September 1993 
    "Three Cheers for Capitalism" 
    Malcolm S. Forbes
  • October 1993 
    "Private Sector Solutions to Public Sector Problems" 
    Barry Asmus
  • November 1993 
    “Health Care and a Free Society"
    Matthew J. Glavin
  • December 1993 
    "The Star of Bethlehem" 
    Craig Chester


  • January 1992 
    "Building an Unlimited Future"
    Barry Asmus
  • February 1992 
    "Television: The Cyclops That Eats Books"
    Larry Woiwode
  • March 1992 
    “Inner City Kids: Why Choice Is Their Only Hope” 
    A. Polly Williams
    "Private Vouchers: A New Idea in Education Reform" 
    J. Patrick Rooney
  • April 1992 
    "Slouching Toward Catastrophe: 1914-1939"
    George H. Nash
  • May 1992 
    "World War II: The Great Liberal War"
    John Willson
  • June 1992 
    "I, PENCIL My Family Tree as Told to"
    Leonard E. Read 
  • July 1992 
    "The Ideology of Sensitivity"
    Charles Sykes
  • August 1992 
    "The New Segregation"
    Shelby Steele
  • September 1992 
    "Public Policy and Some Personal Reminiscences"
    Thomas Sowell
  • October 1992 
    "Why 'Good Government' Isn't Enough"
    Alan L. Keyes
  • November 1992 
    "Hollywood's Poison Factory: Making It the Dream Factory Again"
    Michael Medved
  • December 1992 
    "Hillsdale College vs. the Federal Bureaucrats-Again"
    George Roche


  • January 1991 
    "Exit Communism, Cold War and the Status Quo"
    Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
  • February 1991 
    "Popular Culture and the War Against Standards"
    Michael Medved


  • April 1989 
    "The Civil Rights Revolution"
    William B. Allen


  • June 1986
    "Undone by Victory: Political Success and The Subversion of Conservative Politics"
    M. E. Bradford
  • July 1986 
    "Through The Looking Glass: Washington, DC"
  • September 1986 
    "The Moral Foundations of Republican Government" 
    Edwin Meese III
  • November 1986 
    "The Novel and the Imperial Self: Jogging to Oblivion:
    John W. Aldridge
  • December 1986 
    "Renewing The Symbolic Contract"
    Paul Mariani


  • January 1985 
    "Bullish Forecast for the Amazing Eighties"
    Robert M. Bielberg
  • February 1985 
    "Shall man unmake God? The New Ecumenism Says No"
    James Hitchcock
  • March 1985 
    "How Multinational Companies Can Roll Back Third-World Poverty"
    Lewis A. Engman
  • April 1985 
    "How to Put our Schools on the Road to Renewal"
    George C. Roche
  • May 1985 
    "Thinking Straight about Containment, Interventionism, and Foreign Aid"
    Melvyn Krauss
  • June 1985 
    "Negate the Nagation!"
    Duncan Williams
  • July 1985 
    "Socialism, Capitalism, and the Bible"
    Ronald H. Nash
  • August 1985 
    "The Courage to Affirm"
    Russell Kirk
  • September 1985 
    "Who Killed Excellence?"
    Samuel L. Blumenfeld
  • October 1985 
    "Antitrust Policy in a Free Society"
    D. T. Armentano
  • November 1985 
    "The Problems of a Successful American Foreign Policy"
    Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
  • December 1985 
    "America's cracked mirror: The Theatre in Our Society"
    Raymond J. Pentzell


  • January 1984 
    "Idea Fashions of the Eighties: After Marx, What?"
    Tom Wolfe
  • February 1984 
    "The Crisis of Modern Learning"
    Carl F. H. Henry
  • March 1984 
    "Strategic Principles for U.S. Policy In Central America"
    HArry G. Summers, Jr.
  • April 1984 
    "High Technology and Judeo-Christian Values: Mind, Not Money, Drives the Economy"
    Warren T. Brookes
  • May 1984 
    "Reagan, Kirpatrick, and Roche on the Authentic Revolution"
  • June 1984 
    "Center for Constructive Alternatives Examines Central American Policy with Humberto Belli and Colleagues"
    Humberto Belli
  • July 1984 
    "Free Trade Under Attack: What America Can Do"
    Murray L. Weidenbaum
  • August 1984 
    "To Believe in Ourselves Again"
    Allan C. Carlson
  • September 1984 
    "American Small Business: The Quiet Giant"
    John E. Sloann, Jr.
  • October 1984 
    "Five Fatal Mistakes About Sovien Aims"
    Gerhart Niemeyer
  • November 1984 
    "Give Freedom Its Turn in Latin America"
    Manuel F. Ayau
  • December 1984 
    "Punk Rock, Prufrock, and the Words We Live By"
    Tom Landess


  • January 1983 
    "The American Presidency: Statementship and Constitutionalism in Balance"
    Walter Berns
  • February 1983 
    "Responsibility and Race"
    Glenn C. Loury
  • March 1983 
    "A Durable Free Society: Utopian Dream or Realistic Goal?"
    Arthur Shenfield
  • April 1983 
    "We Cannot Separate Christian Morals and The Rule of Law"
    Russell Kirk
  • May 1983 
    "The Pyramid and the Eye: America in Modern History"
    George H. Nash
  • June 1983 
    "Releasing the Genetic Genie: How Risky?"
  • July 1983 
    "How Conservatism Guided America's Founding"
    Forrest McDonald
  • August 1983 
    "Why not a Campaign for National Leadership?"
    George C. Roche III
  • September 1983 
    "Yuri Andropov: Rise of a Dictator:
    Victor Herman and Fred E. Dohrs
  • October 1983 
    "Capitalist and proud of it"
    Michael Novak
  • November 1983 
    "Beyond Supply-Side Economics"
    John K. Andrews, Jr.
  • December 1983 
    "I, PENCIL My Family Tree as Told to" 
    Leonard E. Read


  • January 1982 
    "Culture and Anarchy: Federal Support for the Arts and Humanities"
    M. E. Bradford
  • March 1982 
    "Notes on How to Live: The Behavioral Left Unmasked"
    Leopold Tyrmand
  • April 1982 
    "Has the Third World War Already Started?"
    Midge Decter
  • May 1982 
    "Liberty and Self-Control: Goethe's Vision of a New World"
    Oskar Seidlin
  • June 1982 
    "Defense and Development on the High Frontier"
    Daniel O. Graham
  • July 1982 
    "Moral Leadership in Post-Secular America"
    Richard John Neuhaus
  • August 1982 
    "Where is your America?"
    Libor Brom
  • September 1982 
    "Rebuilding the Private Sector"
    Robert Poole, Jr.
  • November 1982 
    "Educational Bankruptcy and the Hillsdale Vision"
    John B. Muller
  • December 1982 
    "The Only Way to Peace"
    Wiston S. Churchill II


  • January 1981 
    "The Bewildered Society"
    George C. Roche III
  • February 1981 
    "Christian Studies: Anarchronism or Salvation?"
    Thomas Howard
  • March 1981  
    "Christianity, the Market and Beyond"
    John A. Davenport
  • April 1981 
    "Competing Ethical Systems"
    James Hitchcock
  • May 1981 
    "Is Washington now a City of Hope?"
    Edwin J. Feulner, Jr.
  • June 1981 
    "Economic and Social Challenges of the Eighties"
    Jay Van Andel
  • July 1981 
    "Hew's Conduit Theory: Toward the Abolition of Privacy"
    Ronald L. Trowbridge
  • August 1981 
    "Foreign Policy and the American Spirit"
    The Honorable Alexander M. Haig, Jr.
  • September 1981 
    "The Thrust Toward Genuine Tax Reform"
    Robert M. Bleiberg
  • October 1981 
    "How to be a Loyal Citizen when Government is Subversive"
    William B. Ball
  • November 1981 
    "Consumer Protection Legistration VS. Liberty"
    Barbara Keating-Edh
  • December 1981 
    "Capitalism under the tests of Ethics"
    Arthur Shenfield


  • January 1980 
    "Personal and Economic Freedom: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
    G. Corn, Jr.
  • February 1980 
    "Ecology and the Economy: The Problems of Coexistence"
    James L. Buckley
  • March 1980 
    "Unlearning the Liberal History Lesson: Some Thoughts Concerning Conservatism and Freedom"
    M. Stanton Evans
  • April 1980 
    "Chemicals, Cancerphobia and Communication"
    Elizabeth M. Whelan
  • May 1980 
    "There's a Cure for What Ails Us!"
    Herbert E. Markley
  • June 1980 
    "The News of Politics vs. The Politics of News"
    Lyn Nofziger
  • July 1980 
    "The Poor as First Victims of the Welfare State"
    Walter E. Williams
  • August 1980 
    "The Nature of the Soviet Threat as I perceive and how we should deal with it"
    Ambassador Malcolm Toon
  • September 1980 
    "Selling the Liberal Media Conservative Ideas, or How to Work with rather than over the Media"
    Hugh C. Newton
  • October 1980 
    "Four Blind Mice"
    Robert F. Dee
  • November 1980 
    "The Media: Reporter or Newsmaker?"
    Kenneth R. Giddens
  • December 1980 
    "The Moral Sources of Capitalism"
    George Glider


  • January 1979 
    "Teaching and Academic Life"
    Ronald S. Berman
  • February 1979 
    "Experiences of a Professor who dared to cross professorial picket lines"
    Ronald L. Trowbridge
  • March 1979 
    "Labor Unions in a Free Market"
    Ernest van der Haag
  • April 1979 
    "Human Rights and Union Power"
    James J. Kilpatrick
  • May 1979 
    "The Great Liberal Death Wish"
    Malcolm Muggeridge
  • June 1979 
    "Why Does the United States Need 220,000,000 Ski Instructors?"
    Bruce Herschnensohn
  • July 1979 
    "Inflation: Made and Manufactures in Washington, D. C.


  • January 1977 
    "The Rediscovery of Mystery"
    Russell Kirk
  • February 1977 
    "The Future Agenda"
    William E. Simon
  • March 1977 
    "$165 Billion in Red Ink: the Eye of the Hurrcane"
    Philip M. Crane
  • April 1977 
    "Lessons from the British Experience"
    Arthur sShnefield
  • May 1977 
    "The Media: The Power and the Gloty"
    Kevin Philips
  • June 1977 
    "From Ideas to Political Reality"
    Dr. Rhodes Boyson, M.P.
  • July 1977 
    "The Decline of the United States as a World Power"
    James E. Dornan, Jr.
  • August 1977 
    "What's Right with our sociey"
    Robert M. Blei
  • September 1977 
    "The Impact of the Academy in the formation of opinion: some second thoought"
    Stephen Tonsor
  • October 1977 
    "The lods recovery of History"
    Gerhart Niemeyer
  • November 1977 
    "The Little Platoon We Belong to In Society"
    Russell Kirk
  • December 1977 
    "The American Food Machine and Private Entrepreneurship"
    Earl L. Butz


  • January 1976 
    "Is America Decadent?"
    Russell Kirk 
  • February 1976 
    "The Giant Killers"
    Tom D. Throckmorton, M,D.
  • March 1976 
    "Can Taxs Fine-Tune the Economy?"
    Lindley Clark
  • May 1976 
    "Taxation, Capital formation, and Progress"
    C. Lowell Harriss
  • June 1976 
    "Reforming Government Regulation of Business"
     Murray L. Weidenbaum
  • July 1976 
    "According to their Genius: American Politics and examples of Patric Henry"
    M. E. Bradford
  • August 1976 
    "The Liberal Twighlight"
    M. Stanton Evans
  • September 1976 
    "The Federal Energy Agencies: The Solution or the Problem?"
    Alan Reynolds
  • October 1976 
    "The Liberal Mentality and the Mall Practice mess
    Patricia S. Coyne
  • November 1976 
    "Ideas in Culture"
    Jeffery Hart
  • December 1976 
    "The Something-For Nothing Syndrom"
    Leonard E.rREad


  • July 1975 
    "The Role of Nuclear Energy"
    Edward Tell
  • August 1975 
    "The New Left, Watergate, and American Higher Education"
    John R. Coyne, Jr.
  • September 1975 
    "Words of Warning to America"
    Aleksander I. Solzhenitsyn


  • February 1973 
    "Towards a Theology of Politics"
    Rousas John Rushdoony
  • April 1973 
    "Utopianism, Ancient and Modern"
    Irving Kristol
  • May 1973 
    "Decadence and Recovery in American Education"
    Russell Kirk
  • June 1973 
    "An Open Letter to Mr. Ian Smith, Prime inister of Rhodesia
    Arthur Shenfield
  • July 1973 
    "Some Men of Integrity"
    Henry Regnery
  • August 1973 
    "Education Inflation"
    Ernest van den Haag
  • September 1973 
    "Liberating Education"
    Robert LeFevre




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